2 Days, 21 Marketers: Nope, You Didn't Miss OMMA@SXSW After All

Well if you have been following along the rapid fire posts from our own Joe Mandese, Laurie Sullivan and (less adroit) Moi at the Mediapost Live@SXSW site, then you are gleaning some of the highlights relevant to marketers from this mosh pit of an event. So there is that.
But you can get even closer to the action we had at the OMMA@SXSW two-day event-within-an-event here in Austin. On March 13 and 14 we brought together 21 major brands to explore how they are thinking through the impact of emerging technologies and digital platforms on their business. Hyundai, Coca-cola, Kraft, L’Oreal, Mazda, 7-Eleven, Dell, New York Times, adidas, GE, DISH and more were on hand. And they came ready to play.

And every second of their on-stage insight is already available on the agenda page of OMMA@SXSW. Just click on the video link for the respective panel.

Did you know that 3,000 to 4,000 Hyundai car owners use their in-car communications systems to ask for emergency assistance each year? Or that half of consumers who adopt Discover’s mobile app stop using other channels, which means that getting mobile right for them is critical? Mazda and Discovered shared that info on the “Wearable Ads?: Marketing An Internet of Things” panel on Saturday.

Did you know that 7-Eleven is about to let its customers pay their other bills at the convenience store check-out with cash? The company told us this on Friday on the “What Is A Brand Now, Anyway?”

Did you know there is such a thing as an “iKeg” – an app that tracks sensor-tagged beer kegs for both their location and the beer level? Intel has one, as they told us on the “Beacons, M-Pay and The Great Shopper Reboot” panel.

Do you know the real difference between deft marketing within messaging apps and the rest of your advertising efforts? In our panel on messaging apps headphone-maker Skullcandy told us that contest entries for a recent “Mockingjay” film tie-in promotion sent to followers in the Kik app netted staggering contest entries. About 342,000 messages were sent, 234,000 were read, and it netted 10,000 entries.

And do you really know why mobile ads suck? Well, you can read my recap here if you want the short version of how Coke, Kraft and Papa John’s responded to our provocative closer “How Can Mobile Advertising Not Suck?” Or, you can go to the video for the full hour of insights these marketers shared. 

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