Microsoft Studies Behavior, Makes Changes To Bing Image Search

Microsoft has announced some improvements to Bing's image search that provide more details around the location, place, product or thing. The company analyzed how people discover images and interact with visuals before making the changes.

When searching images after clicking on a picture, individuals can scroll or swipe up to redirect searches or gain more information to get the task done. For some product images, Bing will show searchers where to buy the item, Pinterest collections of the image, pages with the image, and various sizes of the image.

This feature that reveals where to purchase the product remains in beta, but Microsoft provides the first glimpse into the types of things that brands can enable potential and existing consumers to do with image search. Bing continues to focus on more precisely detecting pages where consumers can purchase products, add more information for each source, and many other experience improvements, per Microsoft's blog.



Descriptions in image search provide interesting facts about the tpic, along with links to search for more details and a link to the webpage with the description. These descriptions and links are intended to help searchers learn more about a variety of subjects. Bing expects the quality of the descriptions and number of images to improve over time.

Microsoft also released a Chrome extension that brings the new Bing Image search information directly into the Web pages user browse, alongside an updated mobile experience.

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