Vizio Relies On Human Imagination For UHDTVs

Knowing that current HDTV technology won’t do justice to the detail of Ultra-HD (or 4K) television, Vizio is looking to employ a different tool: The human imagination. 

In a new series of digital video ads for its M-Series Smart televisions, the television maker uses only onscreen text, dramatic voiceover and sound effects to allow viewers to create an image in their mind’s eye that would be as dramatic as one they might get from an advanced TV.

“There’s no limit to people’s imagination,” Ben Purcell, group creative director at agency David & Goliath (which created the campaign), tells Marketing Daily. “If we can spark viewers’ imaginations and let them know that this is more than they can imagine, then they can get a sense of just how incredible the picture can be.”



In one spot, for instance, those elements combine to tell the story of an “exhausted boxer,” “getting pummeled,” “against the ropes,” “in a cigar-smoke filled room,” and “a young boy,” “with enough hope in his eyes,” “to push the fatigued fighter” to “deliver,” “one,” “final,” “blow.” Another spot tells the tale of a brave knight riding into battle with “the weight of an entire kingdom on his armor-clad shoulders,” and a third creates an image of a desperate soldier trying to reach a tearful woman as she prepares to leave a “Parisian station” on a “steam-powered train.” The spots all end with the encouragement to “see more than you can imagine,” before showing off the set.

“This approach can truly stand out against everything in the category, allowing viewers to use their imaginations and driving them to engage and see it in person,” adds Steve Yee, group creative director at the agency, as well.

The campaign is born out of Vizio’s “Beautifully simple” positioning, says Lily Knowles, the company’s vice president of product marketing. “When looking at 4K, it’s all about great picture quality, and this spot is further reinforcing that consumers need to go in-store to see UltraHD for themselves,” she says. 

The ads, which are running online, are part of a broader campaign for the line of Ultra-HD Smart TVs. In addition to the advertising, the campaign will also include digital marketing and retail activations, Knowles says.

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