Patron Unveils First Work From Its New AOR

Patron is rolling out its first new work from Mullen Lowe U.S. and its media operation Mediahub. The agency won global creative and media duties for the Patron spirits business last fall. 

With the new effort, comes an additional tagline: “It Doesn’t Have to Make Sense to Be Perfect” — which builds on the previous “Simply Perfect” positioning. It was developed to provide added context to the concept of perfection. 

Patron’s new creative will appear first on TV across several networks in a number of real-time (or near real-time) brand integrations planned by Mediahub. In one of the first executions, Patron appeared with custom creative during Sunday night’s SportsCenter on ESPN, immediately following Sunday Night Baseball.  



Patron will continue to integrate real-time creative into SportsCenter, leveraging relevant parts of high-stakes games (including the NBA Finals and the NHL Stanley Cup Finals) to showcase the new tagline. One of the ESPN integrations can be seen here. Integrations are also being developed with other ne


“Perfection Is a Paradox” is the name and opening line of a Patron spot that features surfing in the sand, a contemporary DJ spinning retro-style vinyl records, an

original arcade-style Space Invaders game in the form of a modern art installation, a 3D printed piece of gourmet chocolate and a supermodel with an imperfect smile.

All of these scenarios exemplify Patron’s artisanal commitment: “a perfect tequila in an imperfect bottle,” building up to the line “It doesn’t have to make sense to be perfect.” The spot, which can be seen here, closes with Patron’s well-established tagline, “Simply Perfect.” 

“When we selected Mullen Lowe and Mediahub as our partner agency,” said Lee Applbaum, global chief marketing officer at Patron Spirits International. “Our mandate was quite simple: to create innovative, world-class marketing communication that clearly conveys our unwavering commitment to producing the world’s highest-quality artisanal tequila and builds on our existing ‘Simply Perfect’ creative equity.” 

The new campaign (client and agency call it a “communications platform”) is further supported through contextual creative, custom videos and editorial content with leading publishers, and through social media. Viewers who see spots air will also see complementary content aiming to spark conversation with #SimplyPerfect. 

The campaign will be further supported through experiential and retail components designed to create more direct engagement with consumers.   

The new approach, said Margaret Keene, executive creative director at Mullen Lowe, is “an idea that people can relate to in just about every aspect of life. Perfection doesn’t happen in a vacuum, it’s the end product of a lot of unconventional thinking, meticulous attention to detail and a little bit of magic.”

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