InMobi Integrates With TestBird, Helps Mobile Strategy

TestBird, a Chengdu, China–based mobile tech company, announced that InMobi, a mobile advertising company based in India, has fully integrated with their analytics service today.

InMobi’s platform serves over 1 billion devices worldwide and serves 5 billion ad requests a day. The company made waves back in July with the launch of a personalized “ad monkey” named Miip. It follows mobile users and suggests products or services they might like to buy.

Miip is meant to be a replacement for regular ads in apps, allowing users to dictate the kinds of ads they see through “conversations” with the monkey. InMobi briefly considered being bought out by Google earlier this year, but declined, betting that Miip would be a success.



Mobile developers working with TestBird can plan strategy for the promotions of their apps through Miip.

According to TestBird, their mobile attribution service allows mobile app developers to better know which users are installing their apps, which advertising campaigns they come from, and what they are spending their money on in the app.

In April, TestBird announced a product called TrackingBird, an attribution analytics platform that allows app makers to track where their most valuable users are coming from.

According to TestBird, TrackingBird can provide real-time analytics and global advertisement tracking to help developers and publishers with trends, retention rates, key performance indicators, sales events, and more.

TestBird also works with Glispa, Avazu, and Taptica, which announced that it has acquired social-focused ad platform AreaOne today.

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