Quixey Introduces Deep View Cards

Mobile tech company and deep linking search engine Quixey has launched Deep View Cards. Essentially, the cards enable marketers to insert the function of a specific app into the framework of a native ad.

The cards delivered 130% to 150% higher engagement in click-through rates compared to other campaigns, and outperformed other formats in conversion rates by up to 3x in direct comparison tests. Kagan says most of those numbers are completely independent of Quixey.

Quixey uses a combination of content acquisition technologies to connect people to the functionality within apps. Web crawling, API access and patented native App Mining technology allow Deep View Cards to be dynamic and rendered in real-time.  

“People think of apps as the same things as Web sites, but packaged in an app. But those things don’t make sense as static content. Cards represent the dynamic content of the app,” says Tomer Kagan, co-founder and CEO of Quixey.

Using a company that sells tickets to sporting events, for example — if they’d wanted to run an ad through cards before, they would have created a static flyer and then inserted it into the card format.



Now, depending on the advertiser, they could sell the tickets directly through the ad without opening the application. Or, it could send users to their mobile site or prompt them to download the app.

Quixey can also programmatically extract content and generate creatives at scale that are compatible with platforms like Twitter.

“The advantage of Deep View Cards is, instead of having to run a bunch of campaigns, advertisers can highlight a single function,” says Kagan. “The second major advantage is that it allows you to link into native apps.”

Kagan says many marketers are pushing for installs rather than engagement and conversions. But by making the functions of an app available outside of its silo walls, he says brands can expect higher conversion and engagement rates. “If 5 million people download the app and don’t use it, there’s no point.”

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  1. Scott Allan from Pure Oxygen Labs, March 24, 2016 at 5:27 p.m.

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