Qriously Teams Up With Drawbridge For Cross-Device Partnership

London-based data and advertising platform Qriously announced a partnership with cross-device tech company Drawbridge today. The partnership will allow Qriously to recognize and retarget consumers both on the mobile Web and apps, as well as across devices.

The biggest stumbling block for cross-device tracking is data, and mobile especially presents a unique challenge. “Most cross-platform solutions start with the desktop and move to mobile. With this partnership we operate in reverse,” states Qriously’s Chief Revenue Officer, Charles Gabriel.

Qriously delivers questions to consumers in-app, instead of banner display ads. Based on user responses to those questions, Qriously retargets consumers with relevant ads.

The Drawbridge Cross-Device Platform leverages the company’s Connected Consumer Graph, which uses machine learning to match those same consumers to their other devices. Drawbridge can probabilistically connect more than 1.2 billion consumers across more than 3.6 billion devices.



In addition to retargeting, Qriously and Drawbridge will deliver multi-touch attribution, which is a conversion attribution model that gives weight to each individual input that contributed to the purchasing decision.

Cross-device tracking is the next big challenge for marketers, gaining more traction as partnerships like this make it feasible. However, according to eMarketer, only three in 10 marketers reported using cross-channel tracking, while 65% shared that they do not understand how their customers use devices differently.

Drawbridge also recently partnered with Placed, a location-based ad-targeting firm and in-store attribution company to create a “cross-device marketplace” that enables ad-buyers to measure desktop advertising’s impact on in-store sales and visits.

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