News Corp. Becomes Merkle's First Publisher For People Ad-Targeting Platform

Merkle will release a platform Monday at the start of Advertising Week that allows marketers to use first- and third-party data to identify and locate individuals to target advertisements across publisher sites rather than just apps like Facebook.

It uses identifiers such as email, phone number or home address to find potential and existing customers.

The platform, MerkleONE, a suite of marketing solutions, allows marketers to launch and optimize addressable campaigns through direct integration with demand-side platforms (DSP), search, site personalization, email, social, and publisher platforms.

News Corp will be the first partner to use the platform for media sites like The Wall Street Journal and New York Post. The media company can use person-level and CRM information from site visitors across the media company and match it with advertiser's data, says Gerry Bavaro, SVP of enterprise solutions group at the agency. "You typically pay a premium to reach a specific audience with the right message," he says.



Programmatic processes support the platform to solve some of the biggest issues marketers face today such as a mounting stack of data and complicated Web of platforms, vendors and agencies.

"We're seeing increases in conversion volume of more than 20% for clients and similar efficiency gains," says Bavaro, declining to name any one specific brand or company.

The data management cloud houses in aggregate data on 250 million U.S. consumers and more than 900 consumer attributes. Then add first-party client data to the mix. Merkle manages more than 100 million in investments through programmatic channels.

The platform incorporates agency services built on an integrated platform compatible with Google, Facebook, Adobe, Oracle and others. 

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