Flipboard Enhances Ad Targeting

Flipboard, a social magazine that curates content from around the Web, announced it was opening up its Interest Graph to use by advertisers for more accurate ad serving on its platform.

In October of last year, the magazine made over 34,000 topics available for its consumers to like in order to discover new content they might enjoy. That data is now available to advertisers; they can now serve ads to individuals who like related and specific topics.

Most of Flipboard’s reported 72 million monthly active readers use mobile devices, making this data valuable to advertisers looking to work around the lack of cookies on mobile devices.

Advertisers were previously able to serve ads based on separate publications or broader topics.

The magazine has also tracked which topics are interrelated–an example used in a blog post this morning was the relationship between “coffee” and “craft beer” readers, who tend to be dedicated fan groups with discerning tastes and a knowledge of the craft of their favorite beverages.



“The users in this cluster can be a large group of people who follow both coffee and beer,” the blog states. “People who follow and read only one of the two topics, but have interests in common content, like precision brewing methods or fine brewing equipment. They could also have common interests in stories on Flipboard completely unrelated to beverages altogether.”

The Interest Graph makes mind-set targeting and audience profiling easier for advertisers.

Flipboard’s breadth of publications and large user base make it an competitive platform as Facebook and Google circle the space with new products designed to make content easier to read on their sites.

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