xAd Partners With Adelphic, Extends Location-Based Targeting

Adelphic, a mobile and cross-channel demand-side platform, announced a partnership with xAd, a location platform. Adelphic will get access to xAd’s location-based targeting, bringing it to scale programmatically through Adelphic’s platform.

Adelphic clients will have access to xAd’s proximity targeting parameters that automatically geofence new campaigns based on data gleaned from previous campaigns. The parameters are known as Nearby and Wider Reach.

xAd says its platform filters 300 billion mobile ad impressions a month, geofencing and verifying businesses automatically based on satellite imagery.

Locations gleaned from smartphones are only half of the equation with location data. Accurate places data is the other half. xAd’s technology automating the verification process and geofencing of specific businesses does some heavy lifting. According to the U.S. Postal Service, there are 130,000 updates to business addresses daily. The process to outline, update and verify all of that information would take years without automation.



Dorothee Bergin, director of platform and programmatic partnerships at xAd, stated that the partnership will enable more accurate mobile campaigns based on location in advance of the holiday season.

“xAd and Adelphic are advancing the industry beyond ‘guess-and-check’ location targeting, which often takes days to optimize, by offering clients a better way to access and automate… location-based mobile targeting in real-time,” she stated.

Adelphic is funded by Google Ventures and recently expanded its efforts to Europe. Through the end of Q2, its revenue increased 282% YoY. The platform was adopted by trading desks at several major ad holding companies.

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