Adobe Supports Apple TV With Added Data

Software provider Adobe Marketing Cloud is announcing an SDK update that will support Apple TVs.

The SDK includes integrations with Adobe Analytics for data, Adobe Target for A/B testing and Adobe Audience Manager for user profiles. The new mobile SDK will support both tvOS native and TVML frameworks.

Data from the Adobe Digital Index shows TV Everywhere viewing up 63% year-over-year, with a 110% growth in content watched on TV-connected devices such as Roku and Apple TV.

Now that developers can start making apps for tvOS, many expect Apple TV to take off.

“The pace of mobile is now the de facto for how quickly the industry is required to operate,” states a blog post detailing the updates. However, the space is still building momentum and needs time to mature.

The SDK prepares the groundwork for the moment when app developers, marketers and users all jump in on connected TVs together.

All this support for tvOS comes a little over a month after Apple announced the new platform, and marketers went into a tizzy predicting a plethora of opportunities for marketers to break into connected TVs.

However, the connected TV experience is still fractured, requiring multiple logins on different apps to access the full range of shows an individual is entitled to based on their subscriptions.

Some analysts see the most potential in experiences that aren’t primarily video, like Apple Music or Gaming apps designed for the big screen.

For now, the difference in terms of devices like the Amazon Fire TV stick, Roku, Apple TV and Google ChromeCast, is dictated largely by the original content offerings those devices bring to the table. The next few years will definitely see the competition heat up, and marketers will place their bets accordingly.

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