Mintigo Unveils Predictive Campaigns For Data-Driven Email Marketing

Mintigo, a B2B predictive marketing technology company, Monday announced the launch of a personalized marketing tool that uses data and machine learning to increase omnichannel email marketing return on investments. 

The new feature, Predictive Campaigns, adds to the company’s platform of Enterprise predictive marketing software. Predictive Campaigns leverages data and predictive intelligence to automate marketing campaigns and recommend the best next marketing action.

Mintigo’s predictive technology helps email marketers forecast the best strategy, time, channel, and message to engage with customers. Mintigo claims this increases sales and conversion rates by creating a more personalized offer for prospects.

Predictive Campaigns “helps take email marketing campaigns from a unichannel to multichannel approach,” says Atul Kumar, chief product officer at Mintigo.



Kumar says this happen in two phases. First, Mintigo’s predictive engine pinpoints specific customers who are most likely to convert to a sale. It then recommends what type of marketing approach will result in the highest rate of engagement.

Mintigo’s predictive engine is based on what Kumar describes as a “customer’s DNA,” or their individual shopping behavior. Companies who have not captured historical customer data yet can still access like-minded customer profiles on Mintigo.

The predictive engine also learns and adjust in real-time so it becomes smarter the more it is used.

Kumar says email marketers should trust data as the best tool to engage with their customers. He claims that most marketing automation systems are still primarily used for “batch and blast” email campaigns and that most marketers are not optimizing data and multichannel capabilities to reach their customers.

“A lot of marketing is fairly static," Kumar says. "Marketers are still not leveraging the full potential of their data. Marketing culture has not caught up to technology in that way yet. Although trust comes with time, the data does not lie.”

Leveraging data will also help email marketers optimize their work and time management, he says.

The benefit of marketing automation is that marketers can find more time in their day by extending their reach with a single click, he says. The benefit of predictive campaigns is the ability to engage prospects in a more meaningful way, at the correct time, and with the most relevant content.

“Predictive technology can help you get a little bit more out of your daily hours,” Kumar says. “It takes the guesswork and human error out of marketing.”

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