Twitter Highlights Value Of Mobile Programmatic

Twitter released findings from its programmatic marketplace today, revealing a strong opportunity for demand partners and eCPMs in anticipation of the holidays.

It underscored the strength of mobile moments as a marketing tactic.

Twitter’s MoPub Marketplace sells inventory programmatically on 31,000 mobile apps, reaches over 1 billion unique devices, and serves 175 demand-side platforms. Ads are targeted based on social and demographic data.

Advertisers that bought inventory on any of the 580 new apps that launched in Q3 had 186% higher click-through rates and 46% lower cost-per-click than when buying supply from apps launched before Q3. Buyers were also more efficient in newer apps with an 88% higher clear rate.

Publishers that launched new apps in Q3 saw 67% higher eCPMs than apps that had launched prior to Q3. eCPMs increased across the exchange by 24% YoY.

Last holiday season, brand spend overtook performance spending, and will most likely continue to do so in private marketplaces, if not the open marketplace. Twitter found that 60% of the top 25 advertisers in private marketplaces were brands in Q3.

Gaming and entertainment apps still see the highest eCPMs, regardless of publisher category, and they also held the highest click-through rates.

Full-screen interstitials were the most bid-upon ad inventory, with a 41% higher bid depth than banner inventory in Q3. Video ads also exploded in Q3 2015, with an increase of 165% YoY, which reflects a wider trend in mobile advertising wherein video inventory is massively popular among advertisers.

With regards to moments, advertisers spend more on sports inventory on game days—in fact, the average daily spend on sports apps increased 64% on NFL and NCAA game days.

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