Pinterest Recruits SparkPost for Real-Time Data-Driven Email Engagement

SparkPost, a cloud-based email marketing company, on Wednesday announced that Pinterest has integrated with SparkPost Elite as its email delivery service.

SparkPost’s real-time email analytics and segmentation capabilities will help the social media company personalize every email it sends in 2016. SparkPost differentiates itself from traditional ESPs with its ability to provide customers with real-time information on what is happening to the emails they send.

“The world of 1:1 does not work that way,” says Steve Dille, CMO of SparkPost. “The faster you know what is going on in deliverability, the faster you can adapt.”

The email service provides full visibility into the sending, delivery, and receiving of emails via analytical reports with 42 different metrics. Customers can choose to receive the results as a real-time live stream as the email passes through the channel instead of waiting the typical 72 hours.



Analytics include opens and clicks, as well as more granular data such as multipart links that allow marketers to know what specific image, product, or link was clicked on within an email. Considering recent DMARC regulation, real-time deliverability reports are more critical now then ever before.

Dille says that SparkPost and Pinterest have been working together for over a year through the company’s cloud-based API offering.

With a real-time stream of email engagement, Dille says Pinterest is able to test and change subject lines on the go to ensure they are more relevant for each individual reader.

“SparkPost Elite provides us with the enterprise-class service we require,” states Cole Rottweiler, software engineer at Pinterest, who led the evaluation. “We use A/B testing and SparkPost’s streaming webhooks email metrics data to dynamically adjust our content and how we send emails based on live feedback. This improves engagement and lets us monitor the health of our email channel in real-time.”

“Pinterest is seeing how pinners are reacting to their emails in real-time,” says Dille. “With A/B testing you can then start changing things around to be optimized on a one-to-one level and triggered messages can be sent in real-time based on behavioral data.”

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