Consumers Prefer Retailers That Offer Mobile Coupons

Some 59% of consumers said their opinion of a retailer would shift positively if they received offers that could be saved on their mobile devices.

Mobile wallets are still a relatively new space for advertisers and marketers to explore, but it would appear there’s a ready audience. According to a mobile consumer report from Vibes, about a third (32%) of smartphone users currently use a mobile wallet. Of those that do use wallets, more than 90% of them are likely to save a personalized coupon or mobile wallet offer.

Consumers prefer their coupons be served via email over other channels, but texting was a close second, followed by direct mail and display ads.

Mobile wallets and loyalty programs are tied together for those retailers looking ahead, as nearly 75% of smartphone users say they are interested in saving loyalty cards to their devices. 66% of smartphone users say that they would have a more positive opinion of a loyalty program if it were available on a mobile device.



It’s not very often that a consumer will take the time to interact with a brand because they’re lonely. Engaging with a brand via social media, email or text often comes with the hope of a reward.

As more sophisticated tracking becomes possible on mobile, brands can give relevant coupons and offers to their customers immediately. Further, consumers say that mobilizing loyalty programs would give them a positive opinion of the loyalty program.

As mobile payments become the norm, marketers and advertisers should want to find ways to augment the transactions made in stores, and mobile loyalty programs appear to be the first step.

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