Fox TV Releases New Products For Ad Buys

Joining all big TV network groups, Fox is unveiling a number of data-based advertising products -- beyond age and gender data -- in time for the upfront marketplace for all its networks.

Fox Networks Groups is releasing Audience Insights Manager (AIM), a suite of data-enhanced buying tools designed to improved TV marketers effectiveness of linear and nonlinear ad buys.

“Fox has never been afraid to be different, and this is a bold step toward changing the conversation from efficiency to effectiveness,” stated Toby Byrne, president of advertising sales of Fox Networks Group. “AIM enables brands to transcend traditional industry metrics to better target their audience and deliver their message.”

Fox primary products under AIM include:

-- Optimized Audience Read: A proprietary data engine to improve campaign performance by recommending commercial inventory based on advertiser-supplied targets. It provides a tCPM (targeted cost per thousand) read of consumer audience delivery.



-- Target Audience Guarantee: Providing a single linear tCPM guarantee across Fox networks using Fox’s television platform to forecast and optimize campaign performance.

-- Multiplatform Guarantee: Offering a platform-agnostic premium content audience package with a tCPM guarantee across linear and nonlinear properties.

-- Linear Programmatic Buying: Allowing advertisers to buy Fox national inventory against advanced audience targets within a private marketplace.

Various other media companies, including NBC-Universal, Turner Broadcasting, Viacom, and Disney-ABC, have started data-based advertising efforts for marketers.

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  1. Ed Papazian from Media Dynamics Inc, March 15, 2016 at 3:48 p.m.

    Here we go again. This announcement, which most likely deals mainly, if not totally, with digital sales is going to be interpreted by some dreamers as another indication that "linear TV" is "embracing" programmatic time buying in a big way. Yet, if one tracks the actual comments by those so engaged at the various TV entities, named in the article---for example the Turner exce only yesterday---- almost everything is about digital, not linear.

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