Adobe Unveils New Marketing Cloud Powered By Data Science

After a record-breaking quarter, Adobe announced an upgraded Marketing Cloud and a host of new product features and integrations on Tuesday. 

Smart Tags for Adobe Marketing Cloud helps marketers find and automatically tag visual content with artificial intelligence, and the new Personalized TV Recommendation Engine adds viewing recommendations to Adobe Primetime. Segment IQ for Adobe Analytics helps marketers segment their audiences for more targeted advertising.

Adobe also unveiled a new AI-powered Virtual Analyst for Adobe Analytics to help marketers pinpoint purchase patterns.

Adobe’s email marketing customers may be especially intrigued by the company’s new predictive subject line feature for Adobe Campaign, which analyzes past consumer behavior and email analytics to suggest the most effective subject line to optimize email marketing campaigns.

Additional features include, a new developer portal, and deeper integrations between online video tools and the Marketing Cloud.

"Every company should be obsessed with the quality of the experiences they are delivering to their customers," states Brad Rencher, executive vice president and general manager, Digital Marketing Business at Adobe. "Adobe is laser-focused on enabling our customers to create consistent, personalized stand-out experiences for their customers."

In tandem with the company’s expanded marketing cloud suite, Adobe also revealed a host of new integrations within its Adobe Marketing Cloud, Creative Cloud and Document Cloud.

Vidyard’s automated Personalized Video solution and audience engagement analytics are now available within Adobe Marketing Cloud, as well as Invoca’s telephone marketing and call analytics. 

Adobe also expanded the Adobe Exchange partner program to allow third parties to integrate their technologies within Adobe’s cloud infrastructure, which already works with over 250 technology partners.

Adobe revealed its new marketing cloud suite to kick off its annual digital marketing conference. The 2016 Adobe Summit in Las Vegas is expected to have 10,000 attendees this year.

The news comes shortly after Adobe reported record revenue for the first quarter of 2016. Demand for the company’s Creative, Marketing and Document Cloud software helped boost Adobe’s first-quarter 2016 revenue by 25% to $1.38 billion year-over-year.

Adobe’s digital media business rose 33% to $932 million year-over year, while Adobe’s Marketing Cloud jumped 21% rose $377 million year-over-year. 



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