The Rise Of The Balanced Marketer

Marketing automation company Act-On Software unveiled a new integrated suite of automation services on Monday that combines brand marketing, customer marketing and demand generation.

The new marketing automation solution allows marketers to leverage an integrated workspace to target potential customers and clients with a balanced marketing campaign that goes beyond single-channel marketing.

From a customer marketing perspective, Act-On Software has expanded its customer onboarding drip programs and added the ability to score customer engagement to help marketers and sales professionals pinpoint the most loyal customers.

Additional brand marketing capabilities include event management, brand identity management and influencer relations, including the ability to track and score the interest of media, analysts and bloggers. Press Release attribution adds the extra benefit of tying public relations activity back to the revenue process



Act-On Software also revealed the results of a study on Tuesday that showed marketers are looking for a more balanced approach to their campaigns 

Eighty-seven percent of respondents stated that they spend more time in additional marketing functions beyond demand generation, and top-performing companies that met or exceeded revenue expectations in the last fiscal year were more likely to spend less time on demand generation than underperforming companies. 

The study was based on a poll of 250 B2B and B2C senior level marketers from the United States.

A recent Salesforce study of 4000 marketers confirms Act-On Software’s assertion that marketers should be more balanced in their targeting approach instead of relying on a single channel or marketing solution.

Marketers who embrace cross-channel marketing and data science outperform marketers who rely on siloed marketing, according to the study.

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