NEW! Bayer Crop Science Encourages Folks To 'Feed A Bee'

Bayer Crop Science launched "Feed a Bee," an online video designed to increase food for honeybees. Last year, the brand set a goal to plant 50 million flowers with the help of consumers by the end of 2015 to feed more bees. Consumers who joined the pledge received a free seed packet to help plant flowers in their local neighborhoods. The initiative was so successful that it was brought back this year with some additional campaign elements. Bayer Crop Science launched a music video, set to the Jason Mraz tune, "I'm Yours," with updated lyrics explaining the importance of bees in everyday life. Did you know that a bee must visit 2 million flowers to make a single one-pound jar of honey, and a bee visits roughly 500 flowers a day? Talk about working. Watch it here. There's also a FeedABee website, where users can request seeds to plant, or tweet a bee emoji. For each use of a bee emoji and hashtag #feedabee, the brand will plant wildflowers on your bee-half. BBDO Atlanta created the campaign.
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