Viacom Kicks Off First-Party Data Effort For Movie Studios

Catering to one of its bigger advertising categories -- movie studios -- Viacom networks have started up an industry specific first-party data TV advertising program.

Viacom’s Vantage -- its data-driven targeting platform -- says it can look at “title-level movie ticket purchase data” from studios and then match that with TV household viewing behaviors.

From April 28 2015 through April 28, 2016, movie companies spent plenty on Viacom networks -- $126.6 million on Comedy Central; $104.3 million on MTV; $52.3 million on Nickelodeon; $50.3 million on BET; $48.5 million on VH1; and $26.2 million and Spike, according to

Comedy Central and MTV had the sixth- and eighth-largest movie media budgets of any network -- broadcast or cable.



Vantage Studio Edition says it can help studios target genres, including comedy, family, sci-fi, horror, action, as well as “consistent moviegoers.” It connects marketers’ first-party, from data management platforms, to optimize media plans.

Viacom says research shows that exposure to a single TV ad increased ticket sales by 70% while no advertising exposure on TV showed sales 59% below average. Touting its own networks, Viacom says it outperformed competitive networks by 72%.

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