Digital Engagement Strongest For Moms With Young Children

Authenticity appeals to moms, especially those with young children who turn to the Web through a variety of digital devices for answers. The younger the children, the more they connect with brands. In fact, moms with children between the ages of six and sixteen are 58% more likely to own a tablet, 16% more likely to own a fitness bands, and 45% more likely to subscribe to an online streaming services, per data released Tuesday. They also are 62% more likely to own a gaming consoles, but that's a given.

Overall, moms prefer a connection with others, which makes them attracted to the digital experience, especially when comparing the percentages with the general population -- 50% use gaming consoles; 46%, tablets; 10%, fitness bands; and 43%, online streaming services, according to the Millward Brown Digital and TNS Connected Life survey.



Through these and other digital channels, moms with children ages six to sixteen are more likely to search and read product reviews and view YouTube how-to videos. Moms with young children tend to have the strongest social and video engagement with brands. 

Moms with children up to six years of age tend to read brands posts on Facebook more often, comment or share brands posts, reach tweets from brands, tweet to or retweet a brand's post, and see posts from a brand on Instagram, but they tend not to watch as many YouTube videos from brands.

Overall, Moms with children up to six years old are more likely to interact with brands and their content. In fact, moms with younger children tends to spend more time interacting with brands compared with those with other children.

Moms with children up to age six are more willing to share information with others on blogs, forums, and review sites. They are also more inclined to use a branded mobile app, join a branded community, and read emails from brands. They also visit brands' Web sites more frequently, compared with other consumers.

Google in 2014 published findings on what new parents search for online. Data from the Think Insights with Google article "Diapers to Diplomas: What’s on the Minds of New Parents" shows expecting and new parents search more often, especially on mobile devices. In fact Google data shows that new and expectant parents are 2.7 times more likely than non-parents to use a smartphone as their primary device.

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