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RIP FBX: Facebook Will Shut Down Its Desktop Retargeter In November

AdExchanger's take on the demise of the Facebook Exchange (FBX). Matt Idema, Facebook’s VP of product monetization, told the publication: “FBX was built as a retargeting tool for desktop and, over the years, consumer use of Facebook has shifted more and more to mobile." AdExchanger notes that in 2012, mobile contributed 41% to Facebook’s $1.6 billion ad business. In its latest earnings call, mobile was 82% of its $5.2 billion ad revenue. As Facebook focused more on mobile and products like Dynamic Ads which has native mobile ad formats, “These capabilities have worked really well for clients that want to do retargeting on the Facebook family of apps,” Idema told AdExchanger. "Eric Eichmann, CEO of retargeter Criteo and an FBX partner, noted that Criteo has seen the mobile migration as well." He said: “FBX has been a very successful platform for us and, over the past year, as we have seen consumers increasingly move to purchase and browse on mobile devices, Dynamic Ads have increased to become a more significant part of our mix." 



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