Telmetrics Adds Call Analytics To Measure Social Campaigns

Telmetrics, known for call tracking on click-to-call advertising, has added a feature that allows marketers to attribute calls to specific social media advertisements to measure return on investments, test social advertisements, and target potential customers.

The platform -- Social Dynamic Number Insertion, announced Thursday -- enables marketers to use what the company calls "advanced conversation analytics" and click-to-call technologies to increase the quality of their social media lead tracking on Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp and Instagram. The analytics technology is similar to what the company offers for click-to-call search ads on mobile phones.

Placing a phone call is often a final step in the customer's journey if business the individual calls fits well and becomes responsive to the customer's needs, said Andrew Osmak, Telmetrics CEO.



He said it's not a more difficult metric to measure clicks from social platforms, it's just that the industry has lagged in providing ad performance measurement and attribution for social media. "With nearly 80% of social media usage taking place from a mobile device, many of them phones, tracking calls is a natural progression for social media ad measurement," he said. 

Osmak said the smart number pool technology ensures a unique number is displayed per visitor, linking the phone call to the ad, so accuracy is 99.99%.

When asked about untapped metrics he foresee with Google Home and Amazon Echo or other types of Internet-connected devices, Osmak sees untapped potential once ad programs are built for these devices but it's too early to say what that could look like.

"For most marketers, connecting social media campaigns to conversions has been a murky practice based on likes and shares," Osmak said. "Calls change this dynamic."

When a social media ad includes a click-to-call button, a simple click on a social dynamic number insertion-powered phone number links the ad directly to the call, and consequently to the conversion.

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