Twitter Updates Fabric Apps With New Metrics

Social media platform Twitter announced updates to its Fabric mobile app this week.

Developers will be able to track daily active users (DAU) and monthly active users (MAU), as well as retention rates — a metric that has become more and more important as developers attempt to prevent high churn rates.

The service allows developers to build stable apps with reliable metrics, enabling them to monetize their properties more easily.

According to Twitter, there are now more than two billion devices with an app developed through Fabric installed. More than 250,000 mobile app developers use some piece of Fabric or its other services, Crashlytics and Answers.

Twitter introduced Fabric as a mobile app for both iOS and Twitter in February. The apps could push notifications to developers when something goes wrong, and developers can check the app to get updates on their app’s performance.

According to a blog post, Twitter hopes to allow its Fabric users to answer questions that pop wherever and whenever they pop up.

The social company may need to take a dose of its own medicine though, with reports filing in of marketers shifting their ad spend to competitors like Instagram, according to a recent STRATA survey. Despite the fact that most marketers are spending on social media in the digital realm, Twitter still lost ground, and its place in third, to the photosharing platform.

After closing off avenues for innovation from developers under Dick Costolo, CEO Jack Dorsey is still trying to bring them back into the fold. But they need to buy in before all the money flies away.

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