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Can Private Marketplaces Get Publishers To Adopt Geotargeting More Widely?

Writing on the blog, David Kaplan asks whether private marketplaces (PMPs) will spur publishers to adopt geotargeting more widely. Publishers are wary of using geo-data to target ads for fear of giving up precious first-party data and alienating their audience, but native ad specialist Blis hopes to change doubters' minds. Kaplan reports: "While online ad sales teams at major publishers have given up their collective resistance to programmatic methods and the operations of real-time ad exchanges, the adoption of geo-data to serve those RTB ads to their audience has been a bit more challenging. U.K.-based location-centric native ad platform Blis believes its rollout of a private marketplace will help generate more comfort for large publishers who worry about either depressing or relinquishing control of their crucial first-party audience data by providing greater transparency."



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