Voices and Faces Project, Kinetic Tell The 'Ugly Truth' About Child Trafficking

Nonprofit The Voices and Faces Project and WPP's Kinetic Worldwide used MLB's All-Star game to introduce the "Ugly Truth" advocacy campaign in San Diego to raise awareness about sexual exploitation and trafficking.

The game's San Diego location was perfect to feature this campaign, since the city is considered a "High Intensity Child Prostitution Area," according to the FBI.

In order to get audiences coming to Petco Park to begin thinking differently about human trafficking, Kinetic partnered with experiential agency NMS’ ProjectionMan to project “truthful” and facts on buildings along the stadium's traffic route.

These messages include: “If you’re paying for sex, you could be paying for someone’s pain” and "people not products."



The ProjectionMan ads ran after sunset, around 8:30 pm PST, to provide for optimal exposure for game attendees leaving the stadium.

This collaboration, however, is just one part of this deeper effort.

Through its partnership with The Voices and Faces Project, the agency piloted the “Ugly Truth” campaign in Chicago in 2013. It is expanding the campaign to other major markets as part of the launch of a new national trafficking coalition that will debut in the fall.

This campaign will include posters, digital bulletins, bus shelters, kiosks, radio spots, in-office media, mobile billboards, health clubs, and cinema.

The work is a passion project for Kinetic. The agency has donated its time for the San Diego campaign, receiving media at "terrific rates."

"This campaign is an example of how media and creative can work together to change minds and hearts around social justice issues," says Anne K. Ream, founder and creative director, The Voices and Faces Project. "Together, we really have succeeded in marketing a movement that will improve the lives of women and girls in the US, and across the globe.”

The advertising industry brought these two companies together in the first place.

David Krupp, CEO, Kinetic North America and Ream were longstanding Leo Burnett colleagues from the early 2000s. They then reunited when the organization’s in-house creative team decided to develop “The Ugly Truth.” Last year, the campaign was recognized by the European Union as one of the best gender-justice media campaigns running worldwide and successfully contributed to the passage of two Illinois laws.

"Since 2013, our collaboration with the organization has helped solidify our belief that amazing creative, strong media, and an advocacy program can make a difference by informing, affecting, and changing the conversations around social justice," said Krupp.

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