NEW! 'Speak' With Donald Trump Via BFF Trump Bot

SS+K teamed up with messaging bot platform Dexter to create the BFF Trump, a Facebook Messenger bot that dispenses all of the hurtful, negative and racist comments the presidential candidate has said. The bot was created in an effort to reach Millennial voters. Since the demographic gets the majority of their news from Facebook, yet the network's algorithms can skew what news Millennials see, BFF Trump was born. BFF Trump works on either Facebook's desktop or mobile messenger platform, and guides users through a series of conversations about Trump's views on women, immigration and Mexicans, to name a few. The bot uses hundred of Trump quotes and counting.

For example, BFF Trump might relay a quote on Trump's stance on global warming. Users can click on three options: "Really," "More on eco issues" and "What else you got," to continue the conversation with Trump.

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