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Wunderman's Caspar Schlickum On His Mission To Unite Creative And Tech

  • The Drum, Wednesday, August 24, 2016 8:08 AM

Wunderman last month said its APAC operations would be helmed by Xaxis EMEA CEO Caspar Schlickum. The Drum spoke with Schlickum about his thoughts on integrating creative and ad tech. “The more I speak to clients I think there's this really interesting opportunity around data and technology integration with creativity. ...So many brands are starting to ask questions. We are at the stage in using technology where it should be making you better marketer, not just a more effective advertiser or a slightly more efficient advertiser. How does it actually make brands money? How does it help me engage with my customer base more efficiently, more effectively and in a more engaged way that creates long term value?... The tech sector has done a pretty good job of educating creative people about what's potentially possible with the application of data and technology to the creative process. But they've done a pretty lousy job of inspiring them and I think creativity requires inspiration."



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