AdTheorent Partners With Celtra To Optimize Cross-Device Trolli Brand Campaign

AdTheorent, a predictive targeting digital ad network, announced Monday the results of the “Crawlers for Ballers” cross-screen campaign promoting Trolli’s Sour Brite candy. The ad campaign featured AdTheorent’s Cross-Environment Map (CEM) in conjunction with  Celtra’s Universal Expandable Flex ad format.

The campaign’s mobile engagement rate was reported to be 213% higher than the industry average of 1.19%. Desktop also performed better than usual, with an engagement rate 57% higher than average.

AdTheorent’s CEM maps the cross-environment infrastructure in a market, tying a consumer’s activity across devices to a unique digital ID. Digital targeting is further enhanced by first-, second- and third-party data available to the campaign.

Coupled with Celtra’s Universal Expandable Flex ad format, the campaign seamlessly adapted  creatives across devices and platforms.

“By leveraging their creative assets, [Trolli was] able to communicate a well-crafted and consistent brand story,” stated Gefen Lamdam, Celtra’s VP of product. “By combining a well designed user experience and powerful brand story, you can communicate effectively to digital natives in a language tailored to them,” added Lamdam.



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