Twitter Follows YouTube's Rev Share Deal With Video Creators, Will Split Ad Dollars

Twitter said Tuesday it would share a percentage of the advertising revenue gained from videos created by individual users in the United States that run them on the platform.

Google's YouTube shares 55% of the ad revenue, but Twitter product manager Guy Snir explains in a blog post that Twitter's terms for individual video creators will be the same as those participating in its Amplify partners program, which Recode reports at 70%, citing sources familiar with the matter.

The Amplify Publisher Program, which has been restricted to larger corporations like CBS, provides approved creators in the U.S. with the ability to monetize their videos by “checking a box” prior to Tweeting.

Pre-roll ads will run against the content and a portion of the ad revenue shared with creator.

Twitter recently increased the maximum length of videos that can be tweeted from 30 seconds to 140 seconds. It also expanded the number of live-streaming video events across entertainment, news and sports.

Twitter's Niche  program gives content creators the ability to monetize their social presence across all networks. As part of the Twitter family, the program works with 35,000 creators worldwide, alongside top brands to develop authentic branded content.

Some of the other changes announced today include Media Studio, which replaces, as well as adding an “Earnings” section to the Twitter Engage Mobile app that the company launched in June. 

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