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Ally Unifies Business Under 'Do It Right'

Ally is launching its first unified brand campaign, bringing together all of the company’s offerings.

The financial service company's marketing has been segmented to support the Ally Bank, auto finance and insurance offerings separately. The launch of the “Do It Right” campaign aims to support and unify the Ally brand as the company expands and diversifies its offerings.  

The campaign, from Grey, will include national TV, online and print ads— some featuring Ally’s employees and auto dealer customers.

"Anthem" presents a group of associates racing to participate in a team huddle to affirm their commitment to serving customers. The associates are seen leaping over cubicles, running through streets and bursting through the conference room window to be a part of the huddle. "Swimming Pool" shows an associate slipping into the afterlife in order to predict the future of his customer, while "Wishing Well" features a couple on a date and the woman jumps fully clothed into a fountain in an attempt to give the man his coin back.



The media plan includes national TV (CNN, NBC, FOX, ESPN, USA), online video, digital, social and print. 

The campaign uses humor to project the great lengths that Ally associates go to, in order to attend to customers' needs. A series of eight new print ads highlighting various products and services will also run this fall, and feature Ally's associates and customers, bringing an additional layer of authenticity to the campaign.

The brand’s priorities have shifted since Ally Bank was launched in 2009, says CMO Andrea Riley.

“Our focus was on growing our base of deposit customers,” Riley tells Marketing Daily “We really thought about our customers in auto finance and the deposits business as separate. More recently, Ally has taken steps to broaden our product offerings and deepen our customer relationships and having a common brand promise and presence is a key part of this strategy.” 

The objective of the campaign is to project and amplify Ally as a full-scale digital financial services company. 

“We want consumers and business customers to have a better understanding of all of the products and services that we offer, and to know that our core focus is to do right by our customers no matter which products they use,” Riley says. “We are also looking at cross-marketing opportunities, where we can deepen relationships with our current customers across our businesses.”

A series of print ads features different products and services.

“One of the elements that I really like about this campaign is that we highlight Ally teammates and customers in the print ads,” Riley says. “These customers and employees bring a human element to the campaign and present anecdotes and context that represents how businesses and employees put ‘Do It Right’ into action every day.” 

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