Varick Media Management Partners With Drawbridge On Cross-Device Platform

Programmatic ad firm Varick Media Management on Thursday launched a partnership with cross-device technology company Drawbridge, accessing the latter's self-service programmatic platform.

Using the Drawbridge platform, Varick will be able to perform cross-device retargeting, location targeting and extension across devices, targeting across devices in real-time, universal frequency capping, and other functions. At the center of the Drawbridge platform is identity data that will enable Varick to use its clients’ first-party data, Drawbridge’s cross-device data, and third-party data to inform campaigns and analyze consumers' cross-device activity.

“With the technology that Drawbridge provides, we are able to follow the consumer journey as it begins on one device and moves to the next," stated Kaitlin Boulos, VP of client strategy and partnerships at Varick Media Management. "This is especially valuable in the planning and optimization stages of a campaign. We now have the ability to identify an audience and determine the most effective cross-device targeting strategy for their individual campaign goals."



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