Drink Up: PUR Tackles Water Quality

Water quality has become a hot topic in the U.S., due to a number of recent water crises. That is why PUR Water filters is educating consumers about the source of their water.

Developed with agency Arnold Worldwide, the “Water Should Be PUR” integrated-marketing effort features national TV spots, online films, a digital experience and social media content.

"It has never been more important for you to understand what contaminants might be in your tap water," says  Doug Harry, creative director, Arnold Worldwide. "Unfortunately, water quality reports are often difficult to track down and even more difficult to understand, so PUR decided to help."

The interactive KnowYourWater.com site encourages people to type in their home address and find a simple, easy-to-understand breakdown of data within EPA reports. The site also lets people follow their water from its source, to its treatment facility, to their home, all the while discovering if it’s been picking up contaminants: lead, mercury and chloroform



The “Water Bar” hidden camera ads are set in a New York City establishment called “The Water Bar,” where an actor posing as a bartender offers patrons water from different cities around the country.

As he tells them about the water they’re about to consume, the patrons are shocked to discover that water all across the country contains contaminants, even if it’s “within legal limits.” The spots then direct people to KnowYourWater.com

The initiative is designed to get people talking about water quality because while safe-drinking standards might be good enough for the government, PUR wants consumers to be armed with the information they need to drink water that meets their own quality standards.

"The 'Water Should Be PUR' campaign takes real water quality data from all across the country and presents it in a way that allows you to easily understand what contaminants might be coming out of your tap," says Harry. "PUR’s mission is to help you truly know your water, because in the end, water that meets safe drinking standards may not meet yours."

Kaz, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Helen of Troy Limited and marketer of PUR Water filters selected Arnold Worldwide as its AOR in 2013.

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