NEW! The Cost Of Living Below Poverty Level

Would you pay $30 for a dozen eggs? For the many San Francisco residents living below the poverty line, buying eggs actually feels like an extravagant purchase.

Tipping Point Community, a poverty-fighting organization in the Bay Area, launched "Poverty Line Prices," an online video and print campaign that illustrates the outlandish costs of daily items to a family living below the poverty line.

Hidden cameras were placed inside a grocery store in Nob Hill, an affluent San Francisco neighborhood. When regular consumers went to pay for groceries, they were faced with extreme sticker shock.

The film drives viewers to a website where they can enter their salaries or use the San Francisco average to see how much more expensive items like rent, schoolbooks or groceries would cost if they lived on the poverty line.

Leading up to Black Friday, coupon inserts featuring marked-up prices will run in the San Francisco Chronicle. The inserts will resemble grocery store flyers, showing items with the inflated prices. Goodby Silverstein & Partners created the campaign.



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