Commerce Signals Launches Databridge Platform

Commerce Signals, a company that aggregates insights from transaction data, announced Wednesday the release of databridge, a secure platform giving publishers, advertisers and agencies purchase insights in close to real time.

Databridge works with Visa Advertising Solutions to obtain insights from anonymized in-store purchases. The result is an incremental sales report within 72 hours, which can be cross-referenced with digital marketing strategies.

Commerce Signals also announced a partnership with PlaceIQ, through which databridge's  transaction insights are accessible by PlaceIQ.

“Most purchase-based measurement comes in eight or more weeks after a campaign has aired, which doesn’t allow for optimization of campaigns while they’re inflight,” Adam Paulisick, chief product officer of Commerce Signals, told Real-Time Daily via email. “Being able to make adjustments to tactics or creative within 72 hours of an ad airing will allow marketers to demonstrate sales impact and choose what tactics will next and best influence purchase decisions.”

He added, “Visa alone captures almost 70% of transaction volume in the U.S. Because of this, marketers across industries can understand if their advertising tactics are driving incremental sales at the register or online.”



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