Innovid Starts Integrated Marketing Cloud Technology For Personalized Video

Video marketing platform Innovid says its new integrated marketing cloud technology will offer better personalized video ad consumption, with a new marketing cloud suite that will allow data attached to "paid" video integrations to travel into other channels -- wherever the consumer takes their digital media journey.

For example, Innovid notes when a consumer visits a Hyatt Web site -- searching for rooms/locations -- and Hyatt’s marketing cloud will send that data to Innovid. When that consumer shows up on another unrelated site and sees a video from Hyatt, they will receive a more personalized video ad that will include, for example, pricing/location data specific to that consumer’s original search.

If a consumer interacts with a swimming video ad by REI, the recreation/outdoor marketer, Innovid will then send data to the marketing cloud so the company can deliver more swimming-related offerings through Web sites, email, social, and other channels.

Innovid's marketing suite will work with Adobe, IBM, and Oracle marketing clouds. Conagra Brands is one of the first brands to access Innovid’s marketing cloud suite.

Also included in Innovid's new marketing cloud is a video delivery suite capable of delivering reach to wide range of video platforms/
channels; an analytics suite, analyzing video ad spend; a video experience suite, allow marketers to create experiences for target audiences; and an optimization suite, which will improve campaign performance.

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