Marc USA Embraces Mental Modeling Technology

In a bid to help clients better understand consumers, Marc USA is forming a new strategic partnership with Decision Partners: Cognitive Science Systems, a specialist in mental modeling technology. MMT analyzes influences on people's judgement and decision making. 

This deal is intended to expand the agency's capabilities in applied decision and behavioral sciences. With a mental modeling tech platform, the agency says it can better understand the factors that influence decision making and behavior. That allows it to help marketers create ideas and communications designed to help people make choices. 

This is especially relevant for health care, financial services, technology and energy, according to the agency.

Mental models help decipher complex webs of deeply held beliefs that affect decision-making. Some believe such models are particularly helpful in understanding consumer behavior in today’s environment of rapid and disruptive change. 



Further, through its exclusive U.S. partnership, Marc USA staff will be trained to use the system's methodology and software, enabling them to utilize the knowledge on a broad basis for clients. Decision Partners will provide consultation as needed.  

MMT has been used for decades by government organizations, including the Food and Drug Administration, Army Corps of Engineers and Department of Defense, as well as by marketers such Capital One, Pfizer, Merck and Florida Power and Light. 

Such models have been applied to programs to help reduce tobacco use by young people, as well as for new product development, environmental protection and consumer health and safety efforts. 

Gordon Butte, CEO/Partner, Decision Partners, said: “With Marc USA, we are able to jointly provide end-to end solutions, from research and business modeling to the development and implementation of communications programs and evaluation of their impact.” 

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