mParticle Provides A Missing Link In Data Integration

mParticle has developed a technology that lets marketers pull customer data from all cloud services to integrate into campaigns.

The tool, called Feeds, facilitates the backward flow of data into the mParticle platform so data from software-as-a-service platforms or completed campaigns, customer purchases and support interactions are included in analytics and reporting.

The capabilities include advanced queries, allowing users to get answers from thousands more questions to better understand their organizations’ relationship with its customers, explains David Spitz, CMO of mParticle, which began as a mobile app-only business and moved to support the ability to extract data from apps to run analytics. The company began supporting Web and Apple TV services about a year ago and now supports every channel.

For example, the platform can feed information from a customer service complaint into mParticle to include in reporting and can turn that into a push notification on mobile, an email message, or a Facebook ad to apologize for the experience and offer the consumer a discount. mParticle's platform doesn't send the email message, for instance, but it integrates into third-party platforms to integrate the data.



In another example, Spitz said marketers could send Facebook advertising to consumers who never open the brand's email, but to do that marketers would need data from the email provider  

Opening the capability could make it feasible to pull in data from search engines, Spitz said. "It's less of a requirement in the mobile environment, which is much more about discovery and personalization," he said. "There are middlemen … attribution companies that do a good job at measuring paid channels, but there's a lot of things they don't measure like geolocation and customer lifetime value."

Sprintz said that mParticles currently does not have relationships with dedicated companies to support search feed data, but marketers could work with the data by integrating additional attribution data on top of what "companies already package up."

Those using mParticle can collect customer and event-level data into platforms include Kochava, Apsalar, Appsflyer, Adjust, Iterable, Urban Airship, Branch, MailChimp, and Zendesk. 

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