Aeropost Uses Data To Solve Cross-Border Ecommerce Challenges

Aeropost, which specializes in Latin America and Caribbean ecommerce markets,  recently announced its partnership with Quibit to solve some of the challenges related to product shipment, delivery and payment in cross-border ecommerce through data and improving customer experiences.

 In the case of Latin America and the Caribbean only about 10% of  online inventory is available to consumers outside of the States -- which creates a demand for customers looking for the correct price, color and style, so targeting must tie in with inventory available in specific areas. Using Qubit’s testing and personalization technology, the company can support cross-border e-commerce capabilities to provide a targeted customer experience.

Qubit is enabling Aeropost to test, validate and optimize multiple online sales channels, including mobile, in real time, as well as to assess third-party applications to measure the impact of providing return on investment for their digital marketing spend.



"We don't only gain data on how customers behave and each of the requirements to get them what they need. The most beautiful part is the ability to experiment and quickly set up A/B tests very fast, without having to involve the entire development team to test the idea," Maslowski said.

Aeropost has already launched several experiences on the Qubit platform, including one that celebrated the company’s 30th anniversary with a free shipping promotion for 30 minutes. It was done in stages based on time zones. The idea was to give consumers the incentive to buy from different categories and discover what else they might buy if shipping wasn't a concern. This turned into the most cost-efficient promotion of the year, Maslowski said.

Through the relationship with Qubit, Maslowski has been able to determine the best media, timing and geography to run targeted ads and promotions. He said the idea of being able for consumers to make a purchase from any store in the U.S., yet pay locally, is huge.

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