67% Of Email Marketers Will Focus On New Customers In 2017

Customer acquisition will be top of mind for email marketers in 2017, according to a report released Wednesday by Campaigner.

The Digital Marketing Industry Report suggests that customer acquisition will outrank customer retention in the New Year, with 67% of email marketers selecting it as one of their two top marketing goals for 2017.

This contrasts with customer retention, a goal only selected as a top priority by 40.6% of respondents. Increasing brand awareness even outranked customer retention, with support from 44.8% of respondents. In addition, increasing ecommerce activity garnered support from 26% of subscribers, and brand loyalty was selected by 20.6% of email marketers as a goal for 2017. 

The data is from a poll of 562 email marketers using Campaigner's brand j2 Global.

Although 27% of email marketers do not plan to include email marketing in their top five marketing tools for the New Year, the five strategies that most plan to use more often in 2017 include email, social, email newsletters, content marketing and personalization. In contrast, the five tools that marketers plan to use less of in 2017 are emojis, buy buttons, MMS marketing, search marketing (pay per click) and geolocation.



The vast majority of email marketers have yet to implement any type of buy button on social media, with only 16.6% of respondents currently using one. Of those marketers, only 28% would say that a buy button has contributed to sales.



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