Maropost To Launch Sales Cloud

Maropost said on Tuesday that it plans to launch a new sales cloud solution, as the Canadian company gets ready to expand into the CRM market.

Based in Toronto, Maropost already powers a suite of email and marketing software solutions in its Maropost Marketing Cloud that are built to add a deeper level of personalization to a customer’s journey. Product features include machine-learning capabilities, such as product and content recommendations, as well as automation, segmentation and detailed analytics available through one user-interface.

The upcoming Maropost Sales Cloud will add a host of automated digital solutions across CRM, commerce and customer support to services. Like its marketing software, Maropost’s Sales Cloud has also been designed and built in-house so that it will seamlessly integrate with Maropost’s marketing software.

Ross Andrew Paquette, CEO of Maropost, says that this is one of the primary ways the company distinguishes itself from its competitors: Maropost has been built through innovation instead of purchase. Unlike major marketing cloud providers like Salesforce and Adobe, Maropost has built its technology internally instead of through acquisition.



“Instead of building companies, they’ve acquired them,” Paquette says about his cloud competitors. “We will never buy another company, and if we do it will be not be for its technology.” 

Sometimes acquired products have different data structures and code, says Paquette, asserting that a “true” integration at times remains impossible. 

The sales cloud will be all-inclusive. The bulk of the solution’s cost lies in volume of contacts, as Maropost does not believe in add-on costs for additional features such as automation or social.

“We want our customers do be sticker,” summarizes Paquette. “We want them to see value.” 

Maropost is one of the fastest growing Canadian companies and is coming off of a momentous period of growth, growing 500% in 2014 and 350% in 2015. The company also launched a number of new product features in the Maropost Marketing Cloud in 2016, including a content recommendation engine, mobile push and in-app messaging, streaming API service and integrations with Netsuite, InfusionSoft and Salesforce.

Maropost has yet to have an official funding round, although the company did receive and undisclosed amount of investment in December from Highland Capital Partners Europe and Elephant Partners. Maropost’s client roster includes Rolling Stone, Mercedes-Benz and the Golden State Warriors.



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