Tapad, WideOrbit Partner To Provide Cross-Screen Programmatic TV Buying

Tapad and WideOrbit have partnered to develop a programmatic TV-buying platform powered by Tapad’s device graph.

Focused on cross-screen marketing technologies, Tapad will use its proprietary Tapad Device Graph to bolster WideOrbit’s supply platform that offers access to premium TV inventory.

Aiming to optimize audience discovery, Tapad will integrate its device graph with digital feedback loops.

“Marketers can now optimize TV campaigns within days instead of weeks,” stated Marshall Wong, Tapad’s SVP of TV market development. “This also untethers them from buying against generic demographics like age and gender. By allowing brands to employ their own CRM or third-party data, we can move them much closer to audiences who will take action.”

“Television still delivers the most efficient reach of any medium, and Tapad’s platform now allows marketers to purchase premium broadcast inventory that extends the power of cross-screen campaigns to TV with a single, unified solution,” stated Ian Ferreira, EVP, programmatic at WideOrbit.



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