NEW! Break Out The Tissues When Watching Take Note's Emotional Video

Nowadays, receiving a handwritten note is as extinct as dinosaurs. Most communications is done by email or text. An emotional film by Toronto-based stationary store, Take Note, reminds us that the pen is mightier than the sword.

Four minutes long, "Notes" tells the story of a lifelong relationship between a husband wife via handwritten notes. Grab tissues now.

The story begins with an adult sleepover, and Tina leaving a cute note for Rob before leaving in the morning. The romance blossoms, with Tina taking over one of Rob's drawers while Rob makes Tina her own key. They meet the parents, move in together, get married, have a kid. All is good, right?

Things take a darker turn when the cutesy, romantic notes take on an angry tone, when "please empty dishwasher" is written and the pen thrown down. Bills are late, appointments are missed and one night Rob doesn't come home. Tina and her daughter move in with her parents. When they return, Rob makes more of an effort as a husband and father.

Time passes. Their daughter has a baby and the pair travel to Europe. Then Tina gets sick. After she passes away, Rob write her one more note: "I love you my dear wife. I will miss you." "There's love in notes" closes the video, by BBDO Toronto.

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