NEW! MailChimp Promotes Self Via Products With Names Similar To Brand

MailChimp has a great sense of humor. The brand ran a 2014 audio ad during the podcast series Serial, where people mispronounced MailChimp as "MailKimp." This served as inspiration for the brand's "Did you Mean MailChimp?" campaign, created by Droga5.

For the past month, the brand launched new products, pop stars, hairstyles, instruments, and beauty competitions that have names similar, but not quite MailChimp.

There was MaleCrimp, men with crimped hair; MailShrimp, singing shrimp; KaleLimp,a dog made of kale; FailChips, broken potato chips packaged and sold in stores; VeilHymn, an original song; SnailPrimp, the latest in face beauty; JailBlimp, a blimp full of prisoners; WhaleSynth, music comprised of whale noises, and NailChamp, an online competition of unique nail designs.

Each piece of content led users to microsites that connected with other parts of the campaign and eventually led to the MailChimp site that explained the rabbit hole of quirky products.

Check out this video on how it all came about.



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