Two Native Ad Giants Partner On Native Programmatic Capabilities

Native ad platforms Bidtellect and TripleLift said they’re entering a partnership that will bring advanced programmatic capabilities to native advertising. The goal is to connect high-quality native inventory—supply from TripleLift’s platform and exchange—with native demand from Bidtellect’s native demand-side platform (DSP). 

The combination links the native programmatic pipes between a native demand specialist with a native specialist representing publishers. The companies said that advertisers and publishers will benefit from a more streamlined campaign process, improved creative management, optimization focusing on content engagement.

Bidtellect only last week announced the launch of a next-generation native DSP (nDSP) “This partnership with TripleLift enables Bidtellect's nDSP to provide scale in high-quality content environments and help improve results for advertisers,” Lon Otremba, CEO, Bidtellect, told Native Insider via email.  “Integrating two technology companies that were built to cater to the specific content distribution needs of advertisers and publishers allows both platforms to execute to their fullest potential.” Otremba said that the partnership will help  “shed light on the importance of combining buying and selling technologies made from the ground up to transact native media programmatically.”  



"Native has evolved from an industry buzzword to an experience that has surpassed industry expectations for both performance and spend," TripleLift CEO, Eric Berry told Native Insider via email. "TripleLift’s partnership with Bidtellect will help meet publisher demand for native advertising and enable advertisers to effortlessly scale content that drives stronger performance across the web."

Otremba said both companies believe that marketers and publishers must adapt to address shifts in consumer behavior and the inefficiencies in display advertising. Both companies are likely to continue collaborating on native programmatic as the technologies and processes that enable it evolve.

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