Ad Management Firm Launches In-App Header Bidding Tool For Mobile Publishers

Ad-management tech provider AerServ on Thursday launched open-call auction technology developed specifically for mobile publishers and app developers to take advantage of increased advertiser demand for header bidding. The company said the technology, dubbed “OpenAuction,” focuses exclusively on mobile monetization and doesn’t just bring desktop capabilities to mobile.

The new in-app bidding solution allows publishers and developers to make simultaneous ad calls into all programmatic buyers and identify the highest potential bidder at an impression level. The solution also uses industry standards such as dynamic pricing protocols and ensures that the demand meets the app developer’s business rules such as price floors, brand safety guidelines, and creative blocks.

AerServ isn’t alone in addressing the need. PubMatic earlier this week announced that it extended its header bidding product to the mobile app ecosystem.



AerServ said OpenAuction follows rules-based technology and instant decisioning to bring the same benefits header bidding offers desktop publishers. It said open call auctions and dynamic pricing results in increased inventory for potential buyers and more revenue for publishers. 

AerServ called out the potential benefits of OpenAuction:

--It has the ability to send and receive dynamic pricing on each ad call from all ad sources.

--Its server-side auction mechanics reduce latency.

--Its server-side implementations reduce consumers’ device battery and data usage.

--It has the ability to gather multiple auctions into a “super auction” which takes into account first-price bids.

Addressing the fact that other companies have introduced mobile header bidding technologies, Josh Speyer, AerServ CEO told Real-Time Daily via email:"The majority have either been focused on mobile web advertising, or SDK-based [Software Development Kit] solutions that sit alongside the mediation/ad-serving SDK instead of presenting the publisher with a unified and holistic solution." Speyer said AerServ's OpenAuction product is a mobile-first solution, offering developers a header bidding product "and choices that take their pains and challenges into consideration.”  

OpenAuction is available to all publishers on the AerServ inventory management and ad-serving platform. 


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