Sprinklr Launches Tool To Help Stream Real-Time Social Media Content In DOOH Formats

Sprinklr, a social media management platform, announced on Thursday the launch of Sprinklr Display, which purports to automatically transform social media data into branded content for use in retail stores, command centers, events and digital out-of-home formats.

The product uses dynamic screens that can stream real-time social media content, without integration difficulties.

“With Sprinklr Display, we are reducing the complexity of our social data with front-and-center visualizations that provide valuable insights across our business -- from marketing, communications, operations to customer service,” stated Paul Matson, director of customer engagement at McDonald's USA.

Among its features:

- Customers can customize their own command center, or social media marketing hub, to drive real-time social media data to various displays anywhere in the world, and receive actionable insights from each display.



- Engages consumers by projecting social media posts on large-screen displays, at sports events, concerts or conferences.

- Drive in-store engagement by connecting social media activity to brick and mortar retail locations. Social media data can be used on digital billboards, which in turn can create memorable and relevant campaigns at various locations.

“Data visualization is an increasingly important technology for brands who are overwhelmed with big data,” stated Justin Garrity, AVP of Display at Sprinklr. “They’re faced with the challenge of making this data work for them, not the other way around.”

Sprinklr Display is being demoed at the SxSW Conference and Festivals in Austin.

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