1% Buy From Amazon Via Alexa, 48% By Smartphone

Millions of consumers use Amazon’s Alexa for wide variety of things.

The voice assistant’s thousands of skills, basically voice front ends to standing apps, let a consumer talk to Alexa through an Amazon Echo device to order a coffee from Starbucks, tell the device to get an Uber or have it ask Fitbit how you’re doing today.

However, one thing many are not doing is making purchases through Alexa.

The majority (85%) of Amazon shoppers buy at least monthly on Amazon, based on a new study by Branding Brand.

The study comprised a survey of 1,000 U.S. adults who shop on Amazon and make the majority of purchases for their households.

More than a quarter (28%) of consumers buy at least weekly from Amazon and 3% make purchases every day.

Overall selling by Amazon is not an issue, but the source device is another story.

Purchases are made by desktop, smartphone, tablet and through the Amazon website and app. Trailing every device are Alexa and Amazon Dash buttons. Here’s how people buy from Amazon:

  • 37% -- Desktop, by website
  • 25% -- Smartphone, by app
  • 23% -- Smartphone, by website
  • 7% -- Table, from website
  • 5% -- Tablet, from app
  • 1% -- Alexa
  • 0% -- Amazon Dash buttons

Driving many (31%) of Amazon sales are Prime membership, followed by lowest price (29%), with most (76%) consumers saying they think Amazon generally offers the lowest prices.

Despite all the activity in online and smartphone shopping, 60% of consumers said they would shop at an Amazon Go grocery store if one opened in their area.

So Amazon’s Alexa will even have that to compete with.


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