Commerce Signals, Live Ramp Connect In-Store Attribution With Digital Ads

Commerce Signals, a platform that aggregates transaction data, has partnered with LiveRamp to give additional weight to its in-store attribution metrics.

Using LiveRamp’s IdentityLink product, Commerce Signals’ clients will have access to data measuring the impact their advertising has on online and in-store sales at the individual level.

IdentityLink helps resolve online impressions and offline-sales, offering insights to marketers crucial to the ad optimization process.

Ad-tech companies increasingly rely on in-store sales numbers to inform marketing strategies across various platforms. “To effectively compete in today’s world, marketers need to build an omnichannel understanding of the consumer, and ultimately decipher the path to purchase,” stated Jeff Smith, CMO at LiveRamp.



“Together, Commerce Signals and LiveRamp are providing an accessible entry point to deterministic sales measurement, with the same methodology and data source across publishers,” stated Tom Noyes, CEO of Commerce Signals.

LiveRamp, in partnership with Commerce Signals, is “giving away 1 billion impressions” to LiveRamp IdentityLink customers, aimed at measuring the performance with Commerce Signals. Impressions are available through June 2017 on a first-come, first-served basis.

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