LiveRamp Launches IdentityLink, Omnichannel Audience Solution

LiveRamp, a provider of omnichannel audience solutions, on Thursday announced it was debuting IdentityLink, which allows data marketers to purchase offline, online, point of sale, TV and mobile consumer data sets from a continually growing data ecosystem.

Data can be sent directly to clients or is available through the platform’s Data Store feature, where marketers can manage data product pricing, promotion, usage permission, distribution as well as access various ecosystems.

The new solution allows data marketers to have a deeper understanding of consumer preferences prior to onboarding data into digital channels.

“First, IdentityLink allows data to be deterministically translated and activated across channels—for example, mobile location data can be combined with online behavioral data and used to target in desktop channels, and offline purchase data can be connected to measure the advertising effectiveness,” stated Luke McGuiness, head of data partnerships at LiveRamp.

Among the unique data sets available to IdentityLink users are Ibotta, item-level purchase data from millions of mobile users; Vertical Mass, data on fans in direct partnerships with celebrities and entertainment companies; and Pushspring, mobile app-oriented audiences from verified iOS and Android users.



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